It was a wonderful experience! The event was more than perfect. Zista team was very friendly & polite. I acquired knowledge about many universities under one roof. Thank you Zista

– Mahalaxmi Pakala

It was an amazing experience attending the event. Getting to meet a large number of top ranked universities ande learning from the experienced speakers was a great opportunity for us.

– Ashiq Hussain

It was a wonderful event. The sessions from industry experts were really encouraging. The event was conducted in hassle free manner.

– Janani Shree

Very informative event. I now have enough knowledge as to which colleges are best for my further studies.

– Riya Shetty

The expo was really amazing. I came across many amazing people who helped me choosing a path that’ll help me grow as a artist and an individual. Zista team was so humble and nice. Overall, it was a really nice experience. Thank you for making this event possible.

– Anup Pandey

All the sessions were amazing. From managing the whole event to sharing files and taking student queries was something which made me want to join this event. I learnt about various universities, new places and almost all the procedures that one need to go through while applying under a particular program. Thank you for this opportunity.

– Ankita Chakraborty

I was very happy to attend the event and it was really informative. I look forward to more such events.

– Nandini Pandey

It was very helpful to attend the sessions with university representatives. They gave a clear idea about the requirements and outcomes of different courses and also talked about the different financial aid and scholarships available.

– Susmita Mondal

It was a very interactive, educative and fun expo.

– Arunaksh Das

Overall, the event was very informative and to the point. It was great experience to interact with global universities through this platform. Thank you so much for this event.

– Soham Laxmikant Honrao

The sessions are quite useful and informative. It has given me a broader perspective of universities and their admission processes.

– Vritika Mandapaka

I really had a great experience at this event. I received lot of knowledge. The fact that I could easily reach out to all of the universities under a single roof is what made me like this event a lot. On the whole, it was really very valuable.

– Rudramoorti J.

4. The event was very informative and interactive. Keep organizing more such events as it will really help young graduates in their selection process of higher education or even jobs and internships.

– Siddesh B.

Thank you so much for this excellent, informative and interactive event. It was wonderful! The interaction with universities and breakout sessions were awesome.

– Gagan Kumar Sahu

The creativity and information provided in the breakout sessions was the main reason to attend the expo. The platform was easy to use and the sessions were interesting.

– Pragya Mishra

I found the sessions to be very helpful, interactive and interesting as I got a good exposure to all courses and their requirements.

– A.R.Pramodhini

Expo was really amazing and knowledgeable. I have gained a lot of information and looking forward to work on my ambition. Just keep spreading knowledge like this.

– Himani Leekha

The breakout sessions had really good topics which were really important for a designer to know before applying to any college. The speakers were very friendly and addressed all the questions. Personally, I got a lot of insights from these sessions. The overall event was very helpful.

Aniktha. S.

All queries were attended beautifully and attention was paid to minute details. Loved the breakout sessions

– Reshmi Dutta

It was amazing to connect with different universities and clear all our doubts.

– Saurav Shinde

Astounding sessions with lots of valuable insights.

– Shreshtha Saha

The overall experience was great! The expo was adhering to schedule and queries were well taken care of. Interaction with the institutes was excellent.

– Aditi Gupta

The breakout sessions were very interesting. I learned many things which will help in the future. I will definitely recommend this event to my friends.

– Pragya Mishra

After the expo, I feel much better equipped with knowledge about data & tech courses, top institutes and the industry.

– Pratyush P.

It was a great platform to connect with people from around the world. Thank you for taking the initiative to expand the education system for a better community and world.

– Sayoki Ghosh

The event was very informative. Everyone was very responsive.

– Khushboo Jain

The expo was very well organized.

– Ria

The event was well organized and had a good combination of some interesting speakers.

– Sannoy Bagchi

The most reflecting and best live event that I have ever come across. Thank you for helping and guiding me along the path to my goals.

– Themyao Muinao

It was a great experience. I had a good interaction with the university colleagues and representatives.

– Dr. Shivam Anand

What attracted me to this event was the sheer idea of a niche, dedicated expo. Everywhere you go you need to hunt for your speciality; here, every desk I went to had something to offer me.

– Postgraduate Student

This exposure was wonderful. The way the institutes explained the programs, kind of opened doors for me, and made me understand what I can do ahead.

– Undergraduate Student

I would definitely say that the event added value to students. Overall, it was a very good experience.

– High School Counselor: Ms. Neena Virmani, Pathways World School, Delhi

The expo was a big platform for me. It was educative and enriching. You might watch YouTube videos or hear about institutes from your friends, but it does not come close to actually interacting with the institutes. It was really nice.

– Postgraduate Student

I really enjoyed the expo. I interacted with many institutes and got some good information. I am looking forward to a BA program and will start in Fall 2020.

– Undergraduate Student

The expo gave good exposure to students, teachers and working professionals, where they could explore career options and programs from reputed institutes. I am so grateful to the organizers and the institutes for coming to Kolkata and organizing this event. It was a wonderful experience. My students and I also attended a nice panel discussion.

– High School Counselor:Ms. Kavita Bhargava, Future Foundation School, Kolkata

The expo was wonderfully handled by Zista Education. The event was smooth. I explored various choices and met experts who knew about the industry and the programs.”

– Aayush Kaira

Amazing session. Great knowledge and experience shared. Even in the pandemic, had a good experience. I hope they conduct more such events.

– Fatema Gavande

Nice and smooth. Zista Events’ coordinator was amazing. I had registered a month ago. She intimated me from time to time and shared updates. It was a very good initiative for students. The video streaming was good. I was happy to learn and interact.

– Prem Prakash Mishra

The online interactive event was well managed. We had good interaction with representatives from various schools who were presenting their programs.

– Hiren Goradia

Everyone was very welcoming. Each session was very well explained and detailed. The hosts were extremely helpful.

– Vidhi Sanghvi

It was an amazing platform. I got to know about details which can help me plan for my higher education, better. Thank you!

– Mohamed Anas. M

Through Zista events, I’ve finally been able to decide between dozens of courses and I have also shortlisted one of the universities, I plan to apply to.

– Aliya Shaikh

It was an excellent and a very well-organized event. All the speakers were amazing and provided great insights about the field of art and design. The event also enlightened me about the courses and colleges I could pursue as a student in this field. Thank you for making this possible!

– Reshma Praveen

Through the interactive sessions, I have now gained a bit of knowledge about the digital transformations in the design field. It was extremely beneficial. Thank you for this expo.

– Swati Mondal

The expo was really good and bridged the gap between students and international universities. I truly enjoyed it!

– Shubham Gupta

It was a great experience. I got a lot of information about my subject of interest. The speakers were really supportive and cleared all our doubts efficiently.

– Rashmita Paleya

Gushing in-person gratitude. You and your team have been very helpful.

– Miti Jain

This was my first hospitality expo, which I enjoyed a lot and got to learn about various courses offered by each institute.

– Akshaya Iyer

Thank you very much for such wonderful sessions and getting all these options for us on a single platform.

– Garima Patil

It was an amazing expo. I got a lot of information and a plan for my future.

– Sparsh Khandelwal

It was an amazing experience. The knowledge the guest speakers imparted will stay with me in the future.

– Hrushikesh Mahagaonkar

The event was great. To meet the delegates directly and talk to them, I think was the greatest experience of my life. In the future too, I would like to attend events organized by Zista Events.

– Madhu Kuari

The event was a very fruitful. The speakers were extremely helpful in clearing out the attendees’ doubts. We also had a chance for a personal Q&A session which widened my perspective towards my future goals. And lastly, all the top universities under one roof made a pavement for us to guide ourselves through the tailor-made courses of our choice.

– Suhaib Khalid

The event was very beneficial for me. I learnt how the industry works and what needs to be done to progress in my career. It will really guide me in my career.

– Nehal Raja

The event was very well organized and informative. The speakers were well prepared. It really helped me understand how foreign education works. I personally loved the event and would definitely recommend it.

– Aashka Shah

The event was great. I was able to get answers to a lot of my questions. I also gained clarity on the subject of design. I found the event to be really helpful.

– Daniella Laloo

This was one of the most unbelievable events I have attended. It is a great opportunity for students who wants to study abroad.

– Sheeban Sayeed

Joining in for this amazing expo was probably the best decision of my life. I am so thankful that I was a part of Global Art & Design Expo 2022.The event helped me a lot in understanding the best careers and meeting the universities in person. Overall, the whole event was magnificent. Hope to attend many more Zista events in future. I would recommend all the students to take the advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

– Anjali Nandpal Vastar

I am really glad to attend the recent event and I have learnt a lot of things from the event, especially the design part. Special thanks to Team Zista Events for organizing such a great event.

– Satyam Chauhan

The virtual expo is very well organized. The virtual booth is prepared in advance. This provides prospective students with information on the institute as well as the programs offered. The team is very professional. They even follow up with a thorough and detailed summary of leads.

– TAFE NSW, Australia


o One thing I liked about this event was that it attracted students who are really focused; students who are looking at either hospitality or culinary as their future study options and want to build a career in this field.

– Swiss Hotel Management School, Switzerland


Wonderful event for a first-time participant. Well-paced and good students who really knew what they wanted to study. The platform worked smoothly and the interactions went off very well. Thank you for arranging such an event and for all the streamlined process.

– The University of Tennessee Knoxville, USA


The event was organized really well. The students who registered came in with good questions and seemed very keen. The marketing for the event was done well and the turnout was surprisingly really good for the first in-person fair in 2 years.

– Bournemouth University, England


It is the first ever experience with Zista Events for Art and Design specific event. It is amazing to see such good quality students.

– LaSalle College, Canada


Zista’s Art and Design Expo was a well-organized event that provided RMIT an ideal opportunity to showcase its top-ranking study programs in Art and Design areas amidst global universities. Participating staff and academics from the university were impressed with the quality and number of enquiries for RMIT at the booth. We look forward to continue working closely with Zista in the future!

– RMIT University, Australia


I think these types of events are essential and I am very pleased that it was organized.

– University of Derby


The expo was really good. The best thing about it is, that we had a good number of students who were really interested and they asked some good questions.



To my satisfaction I must say, it was fantastic. I am looking forward to more such events in the future.



It was one of the best education expos I have attended in the country till date. I had an opportunity to meet potential students coming from a background that we want in our school.



I met a lot of good students. Normally, large fairs focus on all kinds of programs. It’s really hard to find focused students. I was impressed with the quality of students.



This was the first time the Galway International Hotel School (Ireland) joined the Global Hospitality Education Expo and its most definitely worth joining. The virtual platform was very well organised and students got to join breakout sessions plus speak one on one with leading hotel schools. We look forward to joining again.

– GMIT, Ireland


Global Hospitality Education Expo is truly a great platform to interact with students and I would highly recommend all to participate! The students were very keen and eager!

– HTMi, Singapore


In the world of virtual events where every day there are so many events happening Global Hospitality Education Expo has done an excellent job of surpassing them all. The event was well organised, platform chosen was user friendly and easy to navigate, didn’t face any kind of glitch. The inflow of students on the platform was really great with little or no inactive period. And since the leads were pre-qualified, students had very pointed questions.

– Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Switzerland


I totally loved the platform merely because of the navigational ease. Individual rooms were not only bound with student interaction but also your university USPs’ were highlighted in the small advert space. You can always tell a student quality by the way they ask questions and I was really happy to be a part of the Zista Event. Looking forward to many more since Zista is focused and delivers as promised.

– University of Texas at Arlington, USA


We will definitely be at the Zista Events again. Every single student we met, was pre-counselled and the quality of conversations was much more profound.

– Le Cordon Bleu, France


Zista Education provides such a wonderfully personalized experience! Events were well organized and attended, and every student I spoke to was serious, enthusiastic, and ready for art and design college abroad. The Zista team is incredibly attentive to the needs of exhibitors and I feel provides a mutually beneficial experience to students, their families, and institutions alike.

– College for Creative Studies, USA


My first-time participation with Zista Events was very impressive. The quality of students was nice.

– NABA, Italy


Thank you once again for calling me for this program. I was very honoured to be part of the expo. It was organized really well. It is a wonderful platform that you have created, where students not only from the field but also students from Class 10 to 12, could participate and choose the right program, the right career.

– Mr. Abhishek Anand, Head, Human Resources, The Leela Palace, New Delhi

I wish there was something like this when I was choosing a school. Students and parents could interact with so many good institutes and really understand what is happening in the industry currently. Thank you for organizing this event. It was absolutely fabulous.

– Industry Speaker: Chef Sneha Singhi, Founder, Paris Café, Kolkata

I enjoyed being part of the expo and was in a panel discussion on Creative Storytelling. The students were engaged and asked relevant questions. They were eager to make a career in the Art & Design space.

– Nidhi Lall, Senior Vice President, Publicis Business

I believe Zista Education expo had done fantabulous job in terms of getting top-most college under one roof and creating awareness on international and national hospitality careers for the youth. It was great interacting with students and boost their confidence. I wish all the very best to all the students, parents and hospitality colleges across the world.

– Chef Rajsekhar Sastry, Executive Chef, Taj Connemara

Being a panelist at the Global Hospitality Education Expo was a complete delight! Engaging with bright, curious students passionate about the hospitality industry was truly exciting. The insightful sessions and programs not only showcased the diverse opportunities but also sparked a sense of enthusiasm for the field’s future. The infectious drive of these budding professionals reaffirmed the spirit and innovation defining what the Indian hospitality industry truly stands for.

– Yash Bhanage, Founder and COO, Hunger Inc. Hospitality

It was a pleasure presenting to focused students at Zista Events’ education expo. They were an engaged audience, asked relevant questions and made me relive my days and my journey, as a young engineering student.
Thank you for calling me. I enjoyed the interaction as much as the students did.

– Suparna Singh, Head Corporate Strategy & Special Projects, Larsen & Toubro